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Lesney Matchbox 00 scale CODE 3 High Detail stickers

Perfect for CODE 3 model restoration projects, all the benefit of the super detail of waterslide transfers without the hassle of fitting, these just peel off and stick on! Ideally suited to Lesney/Matchbox 1-75 model, can also be used on OO scale model railways etc.

These are printed in hi res onto high grade, very think flexible CLEAR vinyl using UV resistant inks, each individual sticker has it's own contour cut line so you won't have to worry about finding the kitchen scissors for these, just peel off the backing sheet and stick on.

You will receive on of the sheets pictured, enough to do several models.

Please note the Lesnsey CODE 3 models pictured are in no way part of this sale and are for illustration purposes only to give and idea of scale and detail of our stickers.
(the models pictured have been restored from total wrecks, most had little or no paint, bits missing, a couple of them squashed! we never restore models that are worth saving as 'originals')

CODE 3 Lesney Matchbox High Detail Corgi Dinky stickers decals

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